Mutagens are a special type of item in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; they are the genetic material of slain monsters. You can use them to improve your character in one of two ways:

  • Scaling up the power of your active skills
  • As the main ingredient in mutagen decoctions.

witcher 3 mutagens

How to equip mutagens

Mutagens are equipped in special mutagen slots located to the side of the ability slots. One mutagen can be paired with a maximum of three abilities. When you equip a mutagen, you are given its bonus. If you pair that mutagen with up to three active skills of the same color, the bonus will be multiplied. Whenever you pair a mutagen with an active skill, the mutagen’s efficiency will increase by 100%.

For example, if your mutagen is red and gives you +5% attack power, pairing it with an active combat skill will give you +10% attack power. If you then pair it with three active combat skills, it will give you +15% attack power. Mutagens are at their maximum efficiency when paired with three abilities.

Note that mutagens can be removed and replaced with better ones if you wish. It is best to carry a few mutagens with different effects, so that you can change them depending on the enemy you are fighting. Always pair a mutagen with abilities of the same color; otherwise the mutagen’s efficiency will not be increased.

List of Mutagens

Lesser Red MutagenAttack power +5%???
Lesser Green MutagenVitality +50???
Lesser Blue MutagenSign intensity +5%???
Noonwraith MutagenVitality +150%Defeat the Noonwraith (Contract: Devil by The Well)