Skill Calculator

In such a complex game as the Witcher 3, it is easy to feel apprehension and anxiety at the face of all the choices you will have to make for your character. There are so many abilities in the game that you will never be able to unlock them all. Which abilities should you choose for Geralt ? How to spend your hard-earned skill points to get the best character build you want?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, you should check out the Witcher 3 skill calculator on our sister site Gosu Noob. The calculator will let you test various character builds without having to spend precious ability points in the game itself. Would you like to be a mighty warior? A powerful caster? You can use skill calculator to see which abilities you should invest points in, and which ones will do nothing for your character. You can also check out our guide about the best skills to invest in at start.

2 thoughts on “Skill Calculator”

  1. Thanks for this calculator (still in beta though), it will be helpful for a lot of players, me included.

    If you need some help to test it and have some feedback on what is working or not, what is wrong, or typos, feel free to send me a mail =)

    1. Thanks for checking out the calculator, we hope it will be useful to you all.

      I’ll have you in mind should we need someone to test it out and give feedback 🙂

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