Places of Power – Locations

witcher 3 places of powerPlaces of Power in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are stones scattered throughout the game’s world. They are not marked on the map, but you can spot them in the distance as gloving stones. They are usually guarded by powerful monsters. Once you interact with it, Place of Power gives you the following rewards:
  • Ability point (only the first time you draw from it)
  • Temporary bonus intensity for a certain sign (every time you draw from it)

Given the large number of skills in the game, it is important to find and draw from every Place of Power in order to get as many ability / skill points as possible. Once the game launches you will find here a full list of all Places of Power in the game.

Place of Power locations

1.White Orchard Cemetery30 minute boost to your Igni Sign.
This Place of Power is located in a cemetery north of the inn in White Orchard, standing in front of a small chapel. Approaching it will summon a level 7 Wraith. Low level characters can use specter oil fight carefully.
2.White Orchard Crossroads???
To get to this Place of Power, travel to the Crossroads signpost and head north, between the battlefield and the forest. After you’ve passed the forest, keep moving north until you see a small path branching off to the right. The Place of Power is at the end of that path, next to a monster lair. You’ll have to defeat the monster in order to be able to draw from it – use necrofage oil if you find yourself in a rough spot.
3.White Orchard Forest???
This Place of Power is to the northwest of the village of White Orchard. Follow the northwestern road out of the village until it starts to slowly bend to the right as it heads toward the bridge that leads to the cemetery. Turn left then, into the forest, and head west. Check out the map below for the exact location marked with a red circle. This Place of Power is guarded by a level 6 Wraith, so approach it with caution.
4.White Orchard Broken Bridge30 minute bonus to your Quen Sign
This Place of Power is located south of the village of White Orchard. Get to the Broken Bridge, south and slightly southeast of the village – you have single path leading down into the hills. When you cross the bridge, keep following the path south for another 50 paces of the horse, then turn left and go up the hill. The Place of Power is nestled between two trees, but is easily recognizable by its large glowing orb of yellow light.
5.Velen South – Ancient Oak30-minue boost to your Igni sign
This Place of Power is located far to the northwest of Fyke Isle, in a wooded area. The easiest way to reach it is to fast travel to the Ancient Oak signpost and head straight west, the Place of Power is only a short walk away. Next to it is a monster den, so be very careful on your approach.
6.Velen South West – Frischlow???
Fast travel to the Frischlow signpost, located south and across the water from Fyke Isle. The Place of Power is located at the southern tip of the island, so head directly south from the Frischlow signpost. Before you reach the shore, you will run into some guarded treasure, so move carefully and be on the lookout for enemies. When you reach the water, head west along the shore and you will soon see the Place of Power ahead.
7.Velen South West – Byways30-minute boost to your Yrden sign
This Place of Power is located west of Fyke Isle. The best way to reach it is to take a boat at Fyke Isle and head west. When you pass the island and cross the short span of water to the west, disembark at the point on the shore that is closest to Fyke Isle. The Place of Power is a short walk away from the shore, straight to the west.
8.Central Velen – Lindenvale???
Go to the Lindenvale signpost, east of the village of Crow’s Perch. Go down the road heading southeast and follow it as it winds through the forest and then runs past the coast. Before you reach the next village, turn north. The Place of Power is up the hill, amid the trees.
9.Northern Novigrad???
This Place of Power is located on the northernmost island of the city of Novigrad. It is near the coast, so the best way to get to it is to sail around the island and then disembark near it.