Witcher 3 Pre-order Bonuses

Even though the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is less than a week from release, pre-orders for the game are still available from various vendors, both online and brick-and-mortar. All physical copies of the game come with a game map, manual, soundtrack, stickers, and a compendium of the witcher universe.

Standard Edition
In addition, everyone who buys the game will get access to 16 free DLCs, four of which are known as of press time – Temerian Armor Set, Beard and Hairstyle Set, Alternative Look for Yennefer, and Contract: Missing Miners.

W3 Free DLCs
At this point, pre-ordering a physical copy of the game will mostly get you the game itself. For any pre-order bonuses, it is best to check with the store you plan to pre-order from. If you are thinking of buying a digital copy of the game ahead of its release, GOG.com and Steam have prepared nice bonuses for their customers.

  • 10% off the regular price
  • 8 wallpapers
  • World map
  • 6 paper toys
  • The game’s soundtrack, 35 tracks in both mp3 and FLAC formats
  • 5 HD videos
  • 16 avatars and 24 artworks
  • Reason of State – Part 1 comic book
  • paper toy catalog
  • 10% off the regular price, with an additional 5% if you own steam copies of the Enhanced editions of the previous two Witcher games
  • Official soundtrack
  • Unique artworks
  • Digital version of the game’s Artbook
  • Premium wallpapers
  • Digital map of the in-game world
If you are still wondering whether to spend money in advance, our Witcher 3 review roundup might help.